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 The DeLuca Law Firm has offices in Saratoga Springs and Amsterdam, NY.  Our law firm will actively listen and advocate the best solution according to your legal needs.  We are dedicated to providing legal services to clients with a concentration on criminal law, drug related offenses, vehicle and traffic violations, personal injury law, real estate law and divorce law. All things change with time.  It is important to choose a lawyer that you are comfortable with and one that has an objective and personal investment in every case. 

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Andrew DeLuca provides criminal representation to individuals charged with a crime throughout the Capital Region of New York. Andrew DeLuca provides representation to individuals in Saratoga, Montgomery and the surrounding counties that have been charged with a crime.  Specifically focusing on criminal driving while intoxicated charges and search and seizure drug related offenses. When facing the uncertainty of a criminal charge, it is imperative to choose a lawyer that you feel will advocate on your behalf from arraignment until an eventual trial if needed.  If you have been charged with a crime call Andrew DeLuca today.

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These offenses can be deemed minor, but have significant impacts on your driving history and insurance rates. Andrew DeLuca handles all Vehicle and Traffic violations.  Minor tickets or first time offenses can be handled effectively through mail, while more complex tickets require an appearance.  Most of the time your appearance will not be required which is one of the reasons you should call Andrew DeLuca upon receiving your next ticket. The time is takes you to appear and handle a ticket to an unrepresented outcome is costly.  Contact Andrew DeLuca today and see how having a lawyer involved in this process can make a difference.

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There is stiff competition amongst attorneys vying for your personal injury case. A large market share of personal injury cases are handled by firms that spend the most money on advertising, but ask yourself if they are going to handle your case “personally” on an individual basis or lump it in with groups of cases while in settlement discussions with the insurance outfits. Andrew DeLuca will handle your case with the understanding that you are not a number and fight to get you want you deserve.  Contact us today if you or your loved one has been injured because of the negligence of another.

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